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Shimmery Shine

  • Tired of boring brushing your teeth? With the mystical mint-liquorice taste of Shimmery Shine, DENTAL DELIGHT is probably the most delicious toothpaste in the world.
  • Our toothpaste protects, shines and tastes simply good. Effective caries prophylaxis, protection against plaque formation and fresh breath ensure optimal teeth cleaning and white teeth. The toothpaste contains activated charcoal and ensures excellent cleaning of the teeth.
  • The toothpaste is 100% vegan, cruelty free and without microplastics. In addition, we do not use superfluous palm oil and sodium lauryl sulfate. Developed and produced in Germany, the toothpaste ensures short transport routes and reduces greenhouse gases.
  • Germany's climate-neutral toothpaste: Dental Delight takes responsibility for sustainability and offsets all of the CO2 generated in production through a climate protection project.
  • Made in Germany: Our products are developed and manufactured in Germany and go through the highest quality standards.

The toothpastes offer all-round prophylaxis thanks to the 9-fold active formula: Dental Delight effectively prevents tooth decay (the Polar Punch achieved a NOTE 1.0 for tooth decay prophylaxis according to Stiftung Warentest), reduces plaque formation, strengthens and remineralizes tooth enamel, cares for the gums and protects against tartar and effectively removes discoloration for natural teeth whitening. The toothpastes have a pleasantly fresh and fruity taste. Our products are vegan, free of microplastics, certified as climate-neutral by a climate project and cruelty-free.



Our mission

Our mission is to improve oral health by making dental care more enjoyable.
As is well known, healthy begins in the mouth ... and nothing improves oral health more than actually adhering to the 2-3 minute brushing time recommended by the dentist twice every day. That's why we set out to create the tastiest dental care products in the world. With them, you will have a lot more fun with dental care and will therefore work by itself. What a euphoric start to the day ... and the night! On the toothbrushes, get set, go ...


As a responsible start-up, it is particularly important to us to act sustainably and in a generation-appropriate manner, because as young parents, we care not only about the well-being of future generations in our private lives. That is why all Dental Delight products are developed and produced in Germany in order to make the entire flow of goods CO2-optimized. In addition, all Dental Delight toothpastes produced from July 2019 are certified as 'climate neutral', which means that the CO2 emissions of each individual tube are calculated and offset by a recognized, certified climate protection project. The Friends of Dents GmbH specifically supports the reforestation and protection of the rainforest in the Mai Ndombe region in the west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo via ClimatePartner Germany.